The Pond of Berre

Collaborative Project of Depollution

7 months - 140 actions - 5 days per week - 15 volunteers 

After 6 actions executed in 2020 on the 3 Brothers Island, and more than 2 tons of litter picked up, we would like to take a step forward in 2021.

Wings of the Ocean starts a collaborative project of depollution on the Pond of Berre and its littorals.

Between april and october 2021, we will organize a massive depollution program on the Pond of Berre (near Marseille), in collaboration with communities, businesses, associations and local people.


Saint Amour is an historic sailing vessel based in Mède harbour. It will be a base for our crew mobilized for the operation and will allow us to perform : 

  • shore’s Depollution by our team of volunteer.
  • Water’s depollution operated by divers to collect ghost fishing nets,
  • Metal’s depollution of the sea floor using a magnet,
  • Hydrocarbon’s depollution by hair booms.

Map of depollutions


We add to this a high ambition to federate around our actions by including local people, but also to take action with the young public to bring awareness about the debris problem. 

It means for us to meet with Holliday’s camp, primary and secondary schools, high school, local association… This way, support the young ones about the litter question thanks to fulfilling ressources / method : 

  • welcoming on the boat and discovery of the sailing world
  • Playful depollution (beach, diving..)
  • Zero waste workshop, creation of recycled objects 
  • Learn technics of litters reuse
  • Presentation speeches (do your own compost, sort waste..) 
  • Interactive games, quizz (being outside, numerical..)

We will also meet a large public (businesses, local organisations…) and support the ones willing to change their lifestyle on the pollution question :

  • days to discover the association,
  • Depollutions day,
  • Zero waste workshop,
  • Round-table discussions,
  • Conferences (ecology, sorting waste, participatory science…),
  • Computer graphics,
  •  Sailing discovery’s day.

Municipality supporting our actions :


Companies supporting our actions

Associations by our sides


Join us !

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You are a collectivity and you are willing to support us ? You are an association and you wish to join our actions ? 

You are a company and you want to encourage depollution at the Pond of Berre ? You are a media and you would like to cover the operation ? You are an engaged citizen and you hope to contribute with your hands ? You are a scientist laboratory and you would like to provide an expertise  or set a research project ?  You are a school and you hope to include your students in an environmental engagement ? 

Join us to bring this operation to a school case of the depollution in France !