The Kraken

Towards the Atlantic!

The Kraken’s Mission

The Kraken is used to sail from a city to another by hosting a volunteer crew, 30 people mandated to realize depollutions.
The Kraken’s goal is to realize a journey in different islands of the Atlantic Ocean : from Madeira to desert islands, and Selvagens, Canaries, Azores.

The itinerary fixed allows to concentrate on targeted zones to have an impact on the long run.

From a year to another, this itinerary allows to mesure the impact of our depollution actions, and identify the pollution types concentrated in those zones (especially because of our characterization tools). This journey gives us also the opportunity to perpetuate the collaborations with local actors (associations, public or private partnerships) and implement local units all over the year.
European Islands and archipels are pioritize, because they are isolated and incur the
ocean currents that regularly carry litter on the coast.

Other issues are also identified such as :

  • Strong tourism activities and consequences on marine litter that is strongly increasing during summer,
  • The absence of sorting centers and revaluation of wastes (most of the wastes are sent back on the continent).

In the end, we wish :

  • Initiate systematic depollution, by encouraging local initiatives,
  • Build a volunteers community and engaged actors all over the year.
    Implement local Units to have actions all year long,
  • Keep raising awareness to decrease omnipresence of wild wastes,
  • Developing sorting and recycling on site (and why not create a sorting center and revaluing ),
  • Implement surface nets.

The kraken

The Kraken is an old dutch fishing boat built in 1974 at the shipyard Veldhuis in Groningue (North Holland).


The vessel has been transformed in 1983 into an impressive 3 masted schooner that cruised in the Caribbean from Curaçao Harbour with American guests. 

In 1985, it is redeemed and brought back to Holland with a crew of 4 to navigate in the northern Europe waters, specially in the Baltic Sea. At this time the vessel has a spacious deck, 10 comfortable cabins for 35 guests during cruises and can also host up to 100 persons during day charter. 

In 2008, the Kraken benefits from a modern rigging and work.

It participates to Hanse Sail of Rostock and Week of Kiel, then Brest 2008 and the Tonnerres de Brest 2012. 

Since 2018 the ship became available for the association and is now used for coastal depollution and sensibilisation action onboard.

Some Figures

Plan du Pedro Doncker
Midship Beam
Sails surface
Cabins for 2
Cabins for 4