Local Units

Close to you!

Actions on land

In 2020, Wings of the Ocean’s actions multiplied on land, thanks to the volunteer’s initiatives. The association has been willing to support this initiatives, by leading them towards organizing local depollution events, and awareness campaigns.
A Local Unit is a collective of people representing the association, and organizing depollution actions and awareness campaigns.

It allows the NGO to get involved in a local community, and put the stress on the plastic pollution and its problematics. It can develop by relying on the skills and expertise of its volunteers.
A Local Unit also represents a relay of information, and a representative of the NGO and its values.

Local Units missions are to organise depollution actions, but can also be :

  • Raise awareness around plastic pollution (Visiting schools, universities),
  • Conduct a stand in a festival,
  • Increase the partner’s network (associations, private, institutions),
  • Develop the volunteers network…

To create a Local Unit :

  • Minimum one member of the NGO, wishing to build a collective to develop actions on land,
  • All the volunteers must pay their yearly membership fees,
  • Read and sign the convention,
  • Commit to set up at least 3 depollution actions per year,
  • Have regular meetings with the active volunteers of the unit.

Partnerships can be set up between the unit and other structures (associations, private, institutions, etc), but shall always respect the NGO’s values (no partnerships with fishing industry, meat, over packaging etc..)

Support and tools :

  • Access to support tools (depollution kits, partnership convention, logos etc…),
  • An official e-mail address type xxx@wingsoftheocean.com,
  • T-shirts Wings of the Ocean,
  • In contact with the whole Wings of the Ocean network,
  • Active support from the communication team.

Team Lyon

The Lyonnaise branch is a group of young and old, engaged and motivated, who have come together for a common goal of cleaning up the planet.

Some have known each other since childhood, others come with their families, some arrive alone, in any case, we meet, we create bonds of conviviality and we do squats for two hours to collect all this waste.

The planet is big, so we mainly concentrate on cleaning up around the many water points in Lyon and its surroundings, the Saône, the Rhône, the Décine reservoir, the lake of the large Miribel park, etc.

All these spaces are unfortunately polluted and when we know that each river is the beginning of our seas and oceans, we know that our mission is important.

So yes, we may not succeed in cleaning up everything, but with patience and perseverance, we know that we can do great things together. By focusing on the same place for 5 actions we managed to make the space so clean that we could hear people say “Sorry my bag is not very full, but there is not a lot of waste. here ”: what good news, mission accomplished!

Tyana – Head of the Lyon Antenna

+33 6 17 74 75 54