Welcome onboard the Kraken !


An extraordinary adventure onboard the Kraken

First of all a big thank you for reading us and follow the adventures of the Kraken across the ocean!
Our goal is to remove plastic, driftnets, make scientific researches and all that as a sailing school!

This is a project mounted by two acolytes, Julien and Sebastien, that started about 8 months ago.
And all this brings us to take possession of the Kraken, a fabulous 3 masts that is 47m long!

This is a dream becoming true, but also a certain pressure on our young shoulders: we will have to maneuver the Kraken, and set motion programs to clean up the Atlantic!

Pedro Doncker

The Kraken : a hope for a clean ocean

"Our motivation is foolproof, but we will need your support for this wonderful adventure"
Plongeur scientifique

Give us your ideas, come and take part in an adventure onboard the Kraken, meet us during our stopovers in the various ports, follow our adventures on social networks … Everyone can act on his own scale! 

The Kraken also represents for us a new hope. The hope of a clean ocean, the hope of a free marine wildlife, without human threats, the hope to bring new oceanographic knowledge to the scientific community, the hope of meeting people motivated by marine wildlife and by sailing! 

We hope to be able to communicate our positivity through our adventures while sharing them with you!

See you soon,

Kraken’s crew