[Stopover in Madeira]


After 5 days of intense sailing from Gibraltar, we arrived on Sunday, March 21st, 2021 in the archipelago of Madeira.

One night at anchor later, we berthed at the port of Funchal, the capital of the island.

We will stay until April 30th on the archipelago, including one month on the main island and 6 days in Porto Santo.

Raising awareness to avoid cleaning up

Raising awareness is one of the main missions of Wings of the Ocean. Thanks to group visits on board the Kraken and interventions in middle and high schools, we could present our association through video projections and debates on the impact of waste on the environment and our way of consuming.

During our stopover, we had the chance to accomplish this mission with many schoolchildren from 8 to 18 years old, but also with various associations and organizations.

In total, we intervened with more than 600 people.

Cleaning up to protect

Let’s be honest, we are quite proud of the results of our interventions in the different cities of Madeira and Porto Santo.

Indeed, 4371 kg of waste were collected during the 19 cleanups organized on the main island of Madeira, sweeping the beaches from the east coast to the west coast. In Porto Santo, 1051 kg were collected during the 5 pick-ups, making a total of 5422 kg of waste that were recovered by our team, thanks to the participation of partner associations and about a hundred volunteers.

This would not have been possible without the help of many local organizations!

We could count on the help of the Regional Youth Department, the association Teatro Metaphora, the surf club of Machico, Ocean Devotion, Whale Watching, and the Erasmus students of Funchal.

With the help of ArteM and the Caravel gallery we could also create street art in the heart of downtown Funchal.

During our stay in Ponta Do Sol, we could benefit from the support of the city council in order to carry out a clean-up with Omni Artisan and Expo Agricola. These are two local associations that welcomed us in their market and with whom we could share our ideas around a picnic.

We would particularly like to thank Joao Rodriguez and the Regional Direction of Juventude who accompanied us during our stopover. They facilitated our actions, for example by putting buses at our disposal in order to travel to the different clean-up sites.

Our stopover in Madeira went extremely well and we left with a lot of hope towards the deserted islands and the Salvagens.

Goodbye Madeira, we hope to see you again next year.

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