Our history

Wings of the Ocean

A little history

The association Wings of the Ocean was created in 2018 by two friends, Julien Wosnitza and Sébastien Fau, former members of Sea Shepherd.  Julien, young activist, published in 2018 his book « Why everything is going to collapse ». Sébastien is the former captain of Farley Mowat during the operation Milagro 2, the mission where they met. 

At the beginning, their goal was to acquire a sailing vessel to accomplish depollution actions at sea while limiting their ecological impact. They bought the first ship of the organisation in 2018 : the Kraken.

In 2021, the association’s fleet is growing and now has 2 additional sailboats, chartered specifically for targeted pollution control missions in the Pond of Berre, and in the South Region.
The missions of Wings of the Ocean are also developing on land, along rivers and streams, and pollution control initiatives are multiplying in the fall of 2020. Since then, local branches are gradually emerging throughout the territory.