Wings of the Ocean


Wings of the Ocean was born from a shared dream between two environmentalists, and a wild gamble: to clean up plastic from the oceans and remove so-called ghost driftnets.

In 2016, Julien Wosnitza and Sebastien Fau met aboard a ship in the Sea Shepherd fleet, and carried out several missions in the Gulf of California, including removing more than 155 illegal nets in the ocean.

The idea of working together later emerged, following discussions about the potential for clean-up initiatives and the need to raise awareness amongst the public about plastic pollution and its consequences.

General Presentation

Wings of the Ocean is a nonprofit association created in 2018 to clean up the ocean and raise awareness about the impact of plastic waste at sea.

In order to carry out these missions, the association members work on the Kraken, a 3-masted ship.

The association also has a laboratory on board to host scientific and oceanographic researchers.

The Crew

Julien Wosnitza


Nina Proffit

Boat Manager

Damien Vinet


André Besseyrias

Chief Engineer

Erell Ouin

3 Star Cook

Lawrence Bouveron

Second Officer

Marian Löhr


Damien Ferraz


Lise Latry


Iann Asurrey


Olivier Coerwinkel


Emma Dell'unto


Victor Janjic

Photographer / Video Maker / Community Manager

The Kraken was built in 1974. It is 47m long, 7.5m wide and 34m high and can accommodate up to 25 people to sleep and up to 80 people in day navigation.


Inside, several cabins can accommodate up to 4 people each and are equipped with a private bathroom.


These are several areas in the ship for the crew: a bar, a dining room, a lounge area, as well as outdoor spaces for maneuvering the ship, recovering and storing plastic and drift nets.