Wings of the Ocean


Wings Of the Ocean was born from a dream shared by two ecologists, combined with a crazy challenge: to clean up the oceans from its plastic, remove so-called “ghost” driftnets, offer a research platform for oceanologists… All in the form of a “Sailing School” around the world! 


It is in 2016 that Julien Wosnitza and Sébastien Fau met, already on a boat, already during ecological actions, but on a ship of Sea Shepherd’s fleet. This was followed by many adventures in the Sea of Cortez, but above all they removed more than 155 illegal nets from the ocean together. 


The idea of collaboration subsequently emerged, based on discussions about the potential for clean-up initiatives and for scientists to conduct long-term research at sea. 


The idea was born and led to a “School Ship”, a 3-masted 47m long mast, on which they will travel the oceans in search of plastic and ghost nets, while allowing everyone to participate in the adventure and learn how to sail! 


Of course, the production of documentaries, videos and even a series is planned according to Wings of the Ocean’s travels. 


So, ready for the adventure?

The founders

Sébastien Fau

'During my travels around the world on many boats, I have really become aware of the impact of humans on our ecosystems, the most visible aspects of which are plastic pollution and drift nets. Today, we have the ability to act directly on these issues, so let's get involved!'

Julien Wosnitza

'After studying finance, I quickly realized that growth at all costs was not good for our planet. An unconditional fan of wildlife, I am now involved in plastic clean-up and marine scientific research, in order to make my small contribution to the protection of our oceans. If we can do it on a beautiful boat, with committed and friendly people, it's great!'

The Kraken is a fabulous three-masted ship, built in 1974 and particularly well equipped.

It can accommodate up to 38 people, including 24 eco-volunteers for multi-day trips, and up to 100 people for day trips or one-off events on board.

The 8 cabins for eco-volunteers are each equipped with a private bathroom.

The Vessel has 3 indoor relaxation areas: a bar with panoramic view, a dining room, and a lounge area, but also many outdoor areas allowing both to manoeuvre the Vessel as well as to recover and store plastic and drift nets.

Quelques chiffres

Plan du Pedro Doncker
Longueur Hors Tout
Maître Bau
Tirant d'eau
Surface de voile
Cabines 2 personnes
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