Wings of the Ocean

Who are we ?

Wings of the Ocean is a non-profit association founded in 2018 focusing on depollution of beaches, littoral, dikes and channels flowing down to the ocean, not only in France but also throughout Europe.

We are organising awareness events regarding plastic pollution and are encouraging people to go towards a “zero waste” way of life. We are encouraging and supporting any initiative aiming at avoiding the “consumption” of plastic for companies and just everyone in general as a consumer.

The depollution actions are a way of repairing the damages caused by humans to its environment by both tackling the consequences and the causes of the systemic human pollution. Picking up litter, raise awareness within the population about zero waste, guides companies towards new ways of operating that are more environmentally friendly and campaign for a fairer world towards living things are different ways of depolluting our environment downstream but also upstream.

It is possible to get involved, by joining on the Kraken and participating to its depollution missions, by organizing depollution and awareness events in your own region or simply by making a donation to the association.

2 major axes

1) Littoral depollution

The consequences of plastic accumulating in the oceans and on beaches and the littoral in general are just dramatic. We are facing a worldwide crisis: millions of tons of plastic waste are dumped in the oceans every year (anywhere between 10 and 20 million tons). Plastic pollution has a direct and mortal impact on marine fauna: millions of sea birds, turtles, seals, whales and other marine mammals are being killed every year after ingesting plastic or getting stuck in plastic debris. Microplastics are also polluting nearly 90% of the global oceanic surface and are directly impacting the marine food chain.

In order to fight against that oceanic plastic pollution, we are committed to depolluting the coasts, beaches and shallow seabed. We are using several methods: manually picking up the litter along beaches and the shore line, using small boats and paddleboard, under water by snorkeling and diving or any other mean that proves effective

2) Public awareness

With the intention of preserving and protecting the environment, it is essential to alert and make the public aware of the consequences of plastic pollution. In order to achieve that goal, conferences and workshops are proposed wherever the boat stops. We are hosting boat tours, during which we are presenting the association, talking about the plastic pollution problem and its consequences, the impact of human on the oceans and are talking about different ways of consuming is a more socially, or rather environmentally responsible way, or different ways of recycling and reducing its waste production.

It is crucial to take the time to raise public awareness but also explain to the kids in a fun way the current environmental issues.

Concretely, we are committed to:

  • Collect, not only plastic, but all types of litter, including broken and discarded fishing nets on beaches and in the water along the littoral. 
  • Develop partnerships with recycling organizations in order to recycle and reuse, revalue some of the collected plastic (innovative textile companies for example);
  • Public awareness: organizing ship tours, school presentations, conferences, TV appearances and by being very active on the Internet and social networks about the plastic pollution issues and its consequences;
  • Realize some zero-waste workshops on board, in order to introduce solutions to reduce their waste to the public, and to crew member, who are actively participating at the on board zero waste efforts.