It is thanks to you that Wings of the Ocean can have a financial and operational independence that allows it to set up ocean clean-up campaigns and to carry out oceanographic research on the state of the oceans. 

Our teams are committed to using these donations in the best way to conduct effective ocean clean-up missions.

Would you like to get involved with us or go further in your commitment ?

We listen to you and accompany you in your approach, to offer you the form of support adapted to your situation and your expectations.

Pedro Doncker

There are many forms of support that allow us to finance our clean-up campaigns and oceanographic research.

Donation of securities

Do you have an equity portfolio ? You can choose to donate securities to us.


The donation allows you to transmit during your lifetime as well a real estate as furniture, a portfolio of securities, a sum in cash. The donation is final and must be made by notarial deed.

  • Donation in full ownership

The transfer of ownership takes effect immediately upon signature of the notarial deed.

  • Temporary gift of usufruct

This donation is granted for a minimum period of 3 years.

  • Donation from Estate

You can support Wings of the Ocean by donating all or part of an inheritance. You then benefit from a particularly advantageous reduction in inheritance tax if you inherit from a distant relative. The donation must be made within the 6 months following the death.