[Our visit to Majorca]


On our way to Madeira, we stopped in Majorca to make a technical stopover. At first, we were supposed to stay 48 hours, but finally we stayed 9 days.

Dépollution à Port Adriano
Clean-up in Port Adriano

The Development of the Association

The crew also took advantage of this stopover to further develop the different branches of the association. Whether it is public awareness, relations with other ecological associations or recruitment, the heart of Wings of the Ocean continues to beat under our hands.

Clean-up in Puerto Sóller

But the biggest intellectual can of worms of this stopover was the complete and exhaustive reshuffle of the safety on board during navigation. A dozen or so qualified volunteers put their heads together like power rangers, and poof! We are now safer than ever, with new protocols in case of leak, fire or abandonment of the ship. Everyone knows their role precisely, so they forget themselves in the face of danger, for the benefit of the crew’s integrity.

Did we tell you about Tom-tom, Guven, Camille and Nono? No? Big mistake on our part that I’m going to fix in a second. They are our topmen, our sea-monkeys, our smiles in the open air. Always gentle and educational, they master every string of what they tenderly call “the big puppet”. And there are more than 100 end turning points on the Kraken! So the Kraken’s sailors took time to learn as much as possible during the stopover, to be as comfortable as possible while sailing.

Dans les mâts
In the masts

Thanks to Tom-tom who is leaving for a new Wings adventure, as captain of the Saint-amour on the Etang de Berre. Thank you also to Camille and Guven for your visit among us, you who leave us at the next stopover to return to sail the seas on board other old riggings which will suit you so well for the complexion


During our unforeseen visit to a Majorca magnificently bathed by the sun, we made 4 clean-ups, collected 310 kg of waste and tested our new protocol of characterization of waste, in agreement with the European orientations. This protocol allows us a more rigorous scientific approach, characterizing each type of waste in detail, and therefore making links with the types of places we clean up.

Dépollution à Puerto Sóller
Clean-up in Puerto Sóller

Special dedication to Lino by the way, for the 540 cigarette butts he collected on his own in only 2 hours!

Well, and in all this, the crew had a day off for everyone, to explore the island around us. It’s magnificently natural, when you get away from the Jetset that sows immaculate white yachts everywhere.

What’s Next?

  • Sailor, have you cleaned the deck?
  • Have you firmly tied up the bar tables and stools?
  • Have you stowed the radial saws, drills and reels in the attic?
  • Did you send a last text message to mom?

Then all hands on deck! We’re setting sail! Heading to Cartagena, on the southeast coast of Spain, to refuel and stock up on supplies before finally reaching Madeira.

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Départ de Port Adriano
Departure from Port Adriano