Our actions

Our actions

2018-2019 overview

In 2018 and 2019, the Kraken made more than 20 stops during which the crew members carried out numerous pollution control actions.

The association retrieved approximately 3,200 kilos of waste at sea and on the coast and collected more than 70,000 cigarette butts.

This year, the Kraken welcomed aboard more than 350 crew members and eco-volunteers.

The association also hosted 6 oceanographers who carried out more than 50 scientific surveys, in particular to estimate the quantities of micro plastics in water (study of benthos, phytoplankton, etc.)

We have also been able to work with more than 25 partner associations with whom we have carried out several pollution control actions, thanks to their support.

Numerous awareness-raising actions were also organized during the various stops (conferences, awareness raising in schools, boat tours, etc.).

In 2020, we want to continue and expand our actions to clean up pollution and raise awareness by implementing a major action plan in the Mediterranean.


2020: Actions on Land and refit of the kraken

Kraken travaux Palumbo

Due to the global sanitary situation we had to adapt our plans for the year, here is the Overview of 2020 for Wings of the Ocean :


Actions on Land

In 2020, we tried despite the Covid situation to execute many operations on land, with dozens of volunteers.

Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Strasbourge, Dunkerque, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Arles, Châteauneuf-les-Martigues, Savona (Italy), all those places where we managed 

Refit of the Kraken

2020 was a bumpy ride, as we should have started the refit of our tallship in January, we had to delay the project.


We started construction on the Kraken with a volunteer working crew at the beginning of June, deep transformations have been made on the boat. Rust has been taken out of the hull, the rear deck has been fully renovated, all the pipes have been cleaned and replaced, the crew quarter has been dismantled and treated. We also got our 12 sails to be repaired at a professional One Sails retailer. The massive work that has been completed by the crew allows us to get back on water at the end of the year, and start planning our 2021 campaign. 

Volunteer on the Kraken

To become a volunteer aboard the Kraken, you must meet the following requirements:


Would you like to participate and join us for one or more missions? Due to the numerous applications received, we had to temporary suspend our recruitment process, we will be back soon !