Amadeus Mission

From Sète to Nice

The next stopovers in 2021

  • From August 1 to 3: Sète
  • From August 5 to 7: Grau du Roi (Camargue port)
  • From August 9 to 12: Camargue National Park
  • From August 14 to 22: Marseille
  • From August 24 to 26: Bandol
  • From August 28 to 31: Toulon
  • From September 2 to 5: Saint Tropez
  • From September 6 to 9: Saint Maxime
  • From September 11 to 16: Porquerolles – Port Cros – Ile du Levant
  • From September 18 to 20: Cannes
  • From September 21 to 23: Antibes
  • From September 25 to 28: Nice

The Amadeus

The Amadeus, a 2 masted sailing vessel build in 1910, will be lent to wings of the Ocean during 2 months in August and September 2021, in exchange of good maintenance and help to prepare the boat.

A huge thanks to Jean-Christophe for his faith ! 


The Amadeus has more than 110 years old and is 34m long, 6,5m wide and 24m high. It can hosts up to 15 people over night and up to 60 people for day cruise. A crew of 15 people for each mission will be selected to navigate the boat and lead the depollution’s action. 


In an ecological approach, the Amadeus team is vegetarian onboard and limits as much as possible their waste. It can be by choosing fresh and loose vegetables, but also with our hygiene and cleaner’s products, so it avoids to buy plastic packaging and polluting substances. 

We prepare ourselves our daily products (toothpaste, laundry detergent, washing-up soap..) from natural and non polluting substances, like the other boats from the fleet.

Some numbers

in 2 months
sensitized to pollution
of depollutions