[Art in the Service of Awareness]


What can we imagine from a piece of waste? The solution to this was conceived with the help of the artists of ARTE.M during the visit of the Kraken to the Madeira Island.

This Madeiran association and Wings of the Ocean made a collaboration by combining artistic projects and awareness about sea pollution. When it comes to alerting the greatest number of people, imagination and creation bring out their most beautiful attire.

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Arte M association

The Kraken volunteers joined the artists of this dynamic and engaged association for this large-scale project. ARTE.M is a nonprofit organization, cultural and artistic, created in 2018. Its activity is sponsored by Erasmus Plus and the European solidarity corps.


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The European volunteers who brought this structure to life participate in cultural education by promoting artistic expression and raising awareness on the richness of Madeira’s history. The Caravel art center, where the association is based, is a gorgeous artistic gallery where all styles get together.

réalisé avec Arte.m

Our engagement

We defined the project together on a visit to The Caravel Art Center, where ARTE.M is based. The objective was to create an artistic, unique facility on an abandoned building located close to Santa Maria Street, known for its mural paintings.

The crew of budding artists of Wings of the Ocean was assigned, along with the volunteers of the Ocean Devotion association from Madeira, to salvage a great number of wastes coming from the collections made on the beaches of this wonderful island.

réalisé avec Arte.m

Materials such as plastic caps, fishing nets, cigarette butts, surgical masks, insoles, pieces of plastic bags, and polystyrene have been chosen to decorate the windows, offering another perspective towards wastes and its presence in our daily lives.

Hosts, artists, and volunteers gathered to image ornaments on each window, playing with forms and blending colors to attract people’s looks on what is normally bothersome.

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Nos bénévoles en installation