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The rivers

Clean up river mouths

A scientific study, led by Professor Christian Schmidt of the University of Leipzig, recently showed that 90% of the decayed plastic in the oceans comes from just 10 rivers, or around 8 million tonnes per year. The ten rivers or rivers concerned are in Asia and Africa.

In Asia, these are the Yangtze, the Yellow River, the Hai He, the Pearl River, the Mekong, the Love, the Ganges and the Indus. The other two rivers, the Nile and the Niger, are found in Africa.

After an overview of the attempts to respond to this problem, Wings of the Ocean is working on the establishment of a comprehensive and effective action plan in terms of the recovery of macro plastic waste dumped by these rivers in the oceans.

Our idea is to install floating dams in rivers, non-intrusive for animals and river traffic. This would be done through a “reel” barge and a “collector” funnel barge.

Top view:

The waste is brought down to be sent to the funnel.
Waste is collected using the force of the current

Waste is collected, but ships can pass, as can fish that can pass under barges, since they are shallow.

A conveyor belt allows the waste to be transported to a container provided for this purpose.

The waste is then transported by truck to a recycling center for recovery.

We are currently working with the DESMI Compagny for dams, and want to install our first dam on a river or a test river as soon as possible.

To this end, we are seeking the sum of 200,000 euros in order to be able to install the equipment and carry out monitoring for a whole year.