Frequently Asked Questions

Questions ? Answers

It is a wonderful idea, if you’re pretty sure that the one coming onboard is going to enjoy it ! We are proposing “participative cruises”, so everyone helps for the chores, and supposes a crew life in small spaces. However, we are going regularly ashore and the boat is sufficiently big to get some privacy !
Crew life, sea life… a trip with us supposed that some rules need to be followed, but it will also be an unique occasion to make an unforgettable experience at sea, meeting amazing people… that could make it a perfect present !

No Sailing experience is required. Even if you never went at sea, don’t worry : our professional crew is going to teach you how to sail and they will take the lead during maneuvers if needed.
You will learn by their side and they will be happy to teach you how to sail on a tallship !

The Kraken is a comfortable boat, that can easily take an episode of bad weather. However, it is a sailboat that moves on water. You should be able to move yourself on a boat even when everything is moving.
In some harbors, we need to use the ladder to go ashore. Embarkment onboard the smallboat also demands a little bit of flexibility. In short : you don’t need to be an athlete, a little bit of agility and stability are sufficient 😉

There is bad weather and bad weather….
If it rains, if it’s cold, but the wind and the sea are OK, we sail ! The Captain is of course the only chief onboard and can has the final decision. The Kraken got a panoramic saloon and an inside bridge, so we can still admire the landscapes and sail even with a cold or rainy weather.
However, if the conditions are too bad to sail in perfect safety, the captain can change the course or the length of the navigation on his own behalf. The trainee is fully aware of this before coming onboard and cannot ask for any compensation in case of a changing program.

We understand, it is natural to have some questions before living in a small community.
But in a huge majority of the cases, everything goes well : the people that are here do have the same expectations than you, are aware of the some things, want to discover the same destinations… You’re more similar than you think !
The boat is also designed to be able to get some privacy and relaxation if needed.
Finally, the crew is here to make you have a wonderful moment, and are making everyone enjoying the trip !

The two official languages onboard are English AND French. It is perfectly OK if you speak only one of those two languages. Our crew will be able to translate if needed.
Basics in French are appreciated, but not mandatory.