The Kraken, A Sail Training Vessel with Ecological and Scientific Missions!

Come onboard the first 3 masts sailing vessel that clean up the Ocean, embark scientists and teach you how to sail !

Kilos of waste taken off the ocean
Miles only on sails
Approximate number of cigaret butts collected

A Sail Training Vessel

You are going to be part of an adventure onboard a beautiful 3 masts, while learning how to sail! You will be integrated to the crew, have navigation courses and will be part of the crew life : set sails, maneuvering, taking watches… and more !

Clean up the Ocean

Our mission is to depollute the ocean from its plastic and retrieve ghost nets. We are sailing to polluted areas in order to get the more plastic as possible out of the ocean, cleaning some beaches, retrieving as much ghost nets as possible and recycle everything on land.

Scientific Researches

The human impact on the ocean’s ecosystem is still mostly unknown, that’s why scientists are going to make researches on the long run onboard the Kraken, studying the impact of plastic and ghost nets on marine wildlife. They are going to present their researches and make conferences onboard !

Wind Transportation

We will take advantage of our travels to transport goods by sail and thus drastically limit their impact on the environment! Our partner TOWT will find us organic products to transport according to the different destinations. Let’s make a human chain for the loading!

Come onboard !

Reserve your mission onboard as an eco-volunteer : join us at one of our stop and sail with us as much as you want !

In Blue the current position of the Kraken, in Green the path after our drydock, from June to October
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